What Will Be Tomorrow's Jobs In 'The End Of Life' Services World?

The future depends on what you do today.
— Mahatma Gandhi

When I grow up, I want to be a ...?

What was the answer to that question FOR YOU?

For most people who work in "The End Of Life" services, (by this I mean the funeral industry, hospice movement, palliative care or digital legacy worlds, etc.) it was not what they are doing today! There is the exception of course for some Independent Funeral Directors who are following a long-held family tradition. Others I would hesitate to guess have travelled various routes to bring them to the career they have today. 

What About The Future?

However, what about tomorrow? Does the advent of digital disruption today create new jobs in "The End Of Life" services world tomorrow?

A fascinating report from The Future Laboratory and Microsoft shows technology is taking many jobs. However, it is also providing some new ones. In particular, one new career option they highlighted proves that what I have been saying about the impact of digital disruption is providing new opportunities. 

In the report that you can download HERE, The Future Laboratory and Microsoft identify and investigate ten jobs for the graduates of tomorrow that don’t exist yet. 

Alternatively, do they? 

The report says that  65% of today’s students will be doing jobs that don’t even exist yet. They say that by 2025 (and that is not that far away) exciting new career opportunities in sectors that are only in their infancy today will be available.

Regarding one of those jobs, I think their timing is out. Today, any aspiring entrepreneur could take this idea and turn it into a business now

Among the new jobs of ...






... is the one that interests me.


From the report, they say,

By the late 2020s, software-brain interfaces, pioneered by teams of neuroscientists, will have started to enter the mainstream, allowing mass audiences to read and capture thoughts, memories and dreams. Personal Content Creators will help people to use these systems to increase the storage capacity of their over-stretched minds, providing services that allow them to dip in and out of treasured memories and experiences at will.

In a recent podcast, I interviewed Debra Bassett, a PhD student. She shared three web platforms that are doing this work right now. The technology is here. It is soon going to be possible to download your brain! I think an old dial-up connection might be good for mine.

However, This Is The Key Paragraph! 

Personal Content Creators will also be responsible for curating the memories and experiences of people who have recently died so that their families have what is effectively a showreel of their lives.

That opportunity for that career is available right now! 

In a post called "Do You Want The Right To Be Forgotten Or The Ability To Be Remembered?" I list ten sites where it is possible to curate the memories of people alive and those who have recently died.

How creative could it be for a hospice to have on staff a Personal Content Creator helping the terminally ill save memories for their families?

How innovative would it be to have a Personal Content Creator on staff at a Funeral Directors helping families create a showreel of their loved one's life? Not only to store online forever but for the media rich funerals that will become routine shortly. 

Don't wait till 2025 to start thinking about this opportunity. Being innovative is scary, it can leave you misunderstood and thought a touch crazy! 

In 1988: Isaac Asimov predicted we would use the Internet to learn. The science fiction author predicted how students would benefit from universal access to information. Asimov said that through computers, we would have access to "connected libraries," which would act as a "teacher in the form of access to the gathered knowledge of the human species."

Some thought he was speaking the stuff of just science fiction ... however, he was not was he?

If you would like to know how you can use online memorial sites to serve people in a difficult situation, generate funds for charities and grow your awareness and visibility then, please contact me today. Personal Content Creators are here today.

By Peter Billingham

Speaker, Training, Consultant and Personal Content Creator!