Guest Post - Is Your Online Legacy Stronger Than Death? How To Take Control of Your Future With

By Martin Gnat

As we grow older living online, the term “digital legacy” will become more important. We can begin protecting our valuable assets by creating an account at - a website that helps people to control their online legacy.

Even after death.

A lot of us have been online for one or two decades when we start to realise that our online legacy isn’t preserved the way it should. Our personal photos, videos and documents are kept on our hard disks, portable drives, DVD’s, online cloud spaces like Dropbox but we are still afraid they won’t stand the test of time and our valuable digital belongings will simply disappear.

We face even a bigger fear when we realise that usually, we do not have a plan to pass on our digital legacy in case of our death or a situation when we will be unable to log on to the web anymore.

The question is: how do we protect our online assets and to be sure that whatever happens to us our valuable digital files will be passed on to the right people - our family, friends or other people that are important to us?

The internet seems to have finally found the solution to this huge gap in the world wide web ecosystem. The key was to create a service which will not only store the valuable files in a secure place but also will be able to pass them on the right people at the right time.

The mission and the general idea behind is to “protect things that really matter for the ones you really love”.

But what does it mean in practice? Generally speaking, it means that you can take control of the future of your digital assets no matter what will happen to you.

From a single heartwarming message to a highly confidential legal document, everything will be delivered as you originally intended, on time and to the right person. allows you to choose from 1 to 50 Trustees (members of your family, friends or even your power of attorney) who will receive the sort of documents in case you’ll become deceased or incapacitated. is managing the fulfilment of your wishes after you have passed on. Imagine being able to send a special video message to your children on their engagement or wedding, long after you have passed. Plus - custom made messages, data passwords, videos and audios; all with access for your designated trusted on an easy to use website.

The team ensures its users that the website is highly secured and encrypted, with built in safety measures. “You never have to worry about your personal data falling into wrong hands at the wrong time.” 

Visit and register HERE.

As we grow older living partly online there is no doubt that protecting our digital legacy will become more and more important. We can begin protecting our assets now on

Because in fact, life is all about keep carrying on the legacy and passing on our passion and love to the next generations.