What Can Funeral Directors & Celebrants Learn From Pizza Delivery Apps?

We Should Take Notice Of The Growth of Mobile TakeAway Apps Or Plan For Failure

"Pizzerias not investing in digital, social and mobile are becoming irrelevant faster than users can type “pizza” into Google and get their instant local listings."

Aaron Allen, a global restaurant consultant, prophetically warns local Independent Pizzeria owners to wake and smell the pizza! His article recently on LinkedIn made fascinating reading about digital technology disrupting the pizza industry. 

The impact of digital disruption on family owned, independent pizzerias? Catastrophic! 2,549 family owned businesses closed in 2015 alone. Not keeping pace with technological changes closed them down. “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

What Can Family Owned Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants Learn From This?

If you are in the funeral industry, you need to read this warning with care. To ignore what is happening in other long-established business models is to bury your business head in the sand. In this post, I want to show how the Funeral Industry can observe trends in other Industries. Then take steps to make their businesses relevant to changing marketplace demands. 

I think that we could rewrite these same prophetic lines for the Funeral Industry in the UK.

"Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants not investing in digital platforms, creating engaging social media channels and having a mobile responsive website, are becoming irrelevant faster than you can type plan a funeral service into Google and get an online funeral planning website."

Pizza By Phone Is Big Business

By the end of this decade, it is estimated that Britains thumbs will order up to £8bn on takeaways through mobile applications. The pace of family life and the speed, ease of ordering and simplicity make tapping a mobile app the mode of choice to get the takeaway to your door.  Domino’s Pizza has reported surges in sales with 75% of orders placed online. Moreover, 61% of those made with mobile devices. Interestingly, Domino's only took it's first mobile order five years ago. Now, mobile and smartphones had radically disrupted the marketplace. Paraphrasing the CEO of Dominos, Aaron Allen writes,

"We do not see ourselves as a pizza company. We are a technology company that sells pizza."

It is not only Pizza. Companies like Just Eat  and Hungry House see their revenues increasing by significant levels.

How Should A Funeral Director or Funeral Celebrant Respond?

Searches on the Internet for funeral planning show a continual increase using research tools like Google trends.  In May 2015, Google officially announced that more searches are completed on mobile devices than desktops. Most Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants have websites that are not mobile responsive. That is, their websites cannot be viewed correctly on mobile devices and tablets. (We are not talking apps here, just a website that will work on your phone.) You can never make it easy enough to communicate with customers. 

Questions You Need To Ask About Your Business

  • Is our website mobile responsive?

  • Do we offer online prices and planning?

  • Can our customers communicate to us by social media and instant messaging?

These are critical questions that need a YES answer. 

Comparing delivering a takeaway to organising a funeral may seem like a big jump. It is. I do not deny that. What is critical to notice though is how digital technology is disrupting business. Only those firms in any marketplace who are embracing digital and mobile technology will survive for the long term. I would love to hear your views on how the internet is changing your business. Please contact me.