what I do?

I help the funeral industry and "End Of Life Planning" marketplace change and adapt to the disruptive technologies of the internet. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  

R. Buckminster Fuller

The disruptive technology of the Internet is impacting the way every company operates. The funeral industry and "End Of Life Planning" marketplace are not an exception. The pace of this change is only going to get faster. 

I work with Funeral Directors, Hospice Care Charities, Universities and End Of Life Health Care Services with trends in digital innovation and digital legacy issues.

At Death Goes Digital, I help give practical help to change and adapt to these trends by:

  • Speaking at conferences and training events about practical and relevant subjects to help you understand and respond to the impact of the internet for your business or area of interest.
  • Keeping you informed of new developments, the latest ideas and trends in technology that impact the funeral industry. I do this through a regular podcast, newsletter and books. Check for what's happening soon here:
  • Providing coaching and training one on one or in group settings. This covers a range of different subjects. Please contact me to find out more information.
  • Creating networks through the Death Goes Digital Community.

My Mission

My aim is to provide those in the Funeral Industry and "End Of Life Planning" marketplace with knowledge, advice and support to harness the opportunities provided by the internet to grow their businesses, reach new customers, remain relevant and profitable.