Ep2 - Once I've Gone with Founder Ian Dibb

Chatting with Ian Dibb the founder of the end of life planning website "once i've gone.

Podcast Guest - Ian Dibb - Founder of Once I've Gone

Once I've Gone allows you to record your final wishes and important information so that it can be shared with your nearest and dearest when it's your time to go to the great gig in the sky. You can use the site to capture special memories and messages, record your life story for future generations and even start your bucket list.

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Contact Information For Ian


Getting To Know Ian Dibb

Each episode I ask my guests 3 questions to get to know a little bit more about them.

  1. What would be a song that you would like played at your funeral?
  2. What is a book you think everyone should read?
  3. What is a film that you think everyone should see?

My Funeral Song

Now We Are Free "Gladiator " Theme Song

Schindler's List Theme

A Book You Must Read








A Film You Must See

Les Misérables

About Time

Software To Use

icloud Services