This Is 1 Easy Way To Immortalise Your Family Name Online

Most of us will be forgotten within two generations. Does this bother you at all or not in the slightest? 
— James Altucher

Would You Like Your Family's Memory To Be Immortal On The Internet?

This important question is about more than viewing the collated posts of your Facebook history! It is about creating a cherished digital legacy for your descendants to treasure. A way to remember your family heritage for generations to come.

Most of us will be forgotten within two generations. Does this bother you at all or not in the slightest? Asked the writer, James Altucher.

Yes, James, it does both for lots of families and me.

While I am sure, you do not want the council to erect a statue of you in the local park, or your name on the side of the local library, finding an easy way to pass on the stories of our lives to our descendants is becoming an important priority for many families like yours.

Perhaps letting our great grandchildren read our Facebook posts, view our Instagram pictures, and glance over our Tweets, would not be the most prudent way to pass on your life story! Anyone who has ever tried this can tell you, the drunken pictures of you in Ibiza in your 20's is not a sight for your grandchildren!

Sometimes you need a easy plan to help you on your way.  So here is an idea to use and an example to see how you can create a lasting digital legacy online and immortalise your family name online. Maybe we can help you do it?

Create A .Family Digital Legacy Website

The Finkelstein Family have done that.

Ludwik and Mirjam Finkelstein have an incredible life story. Ludwik was born into a Jewish family in Lvov (now Ukraine) in 1929. Then came the war turning his families life upside down. His incredible resilience and determination as a scholar, engineer and Professor led him to become awarded the OBE for his civil defence work over his life. In 1957 he married Mirjam Wiener she too was a survivor of the Holocaust. Mirjam became a renown educator on that horrifying period of history. They had three children. As a way of preserving and collating in one place some of the many words written about them after their deaths (Ludwik in 2011 and Mirjam in 2017) the children created a family digital legacy site using the URL .family.

Take a moment now to visit their family site. The family have added videos, photos, and personal memories. There are links to other websites where stories and articles. This allows the opportunity for other people to add to the site. 

 How Do You Create A Family Digital Legacy Site?

1 - Purchase A Domain Name

You too could create a unique online legacy site for your family, but you will need to buy the URL for your family name. Act quick! There is only one per family.

Check GoDaddy Now to see if one of your family domain names is available. 


2 - Set Up A Hosted Wordpress Website or Purchase A Templated Website

Creating a WordPress website has become relatively straightforward and quick. WordPress is an online platform that millions of websites across the world use. Setting up a new website involves some technical expertise, and skill and is inexpensive. After purchasing a domain name, you create your site online through a "host" provider. There are many on the market and BlueHost is one that makes the complicated process as easy as possible. 

Next is to choose the theme for your family's digital legacy website. In the case of the Finkelstein family site, they chose the theme called The Writer Template from oboxthemes -  

Once connecting the WordPress site and domain name uploading the theme can start. Next you add your content. GoDaddy and Squarespace offer a simpler route. You can buy a "ready-made" website. Then edit the design and style and you are immediately ready to upload your content.

In both methods, there is an annual payment necessary to keep the website online but this is inexpensive for the pleasure and memories stored there.

3 - Upload Content

Now your creative process can run wild! What I love about the Finkelstein family website is the range of content and media they have there. There are written stories and memories from the children growing up. There are links to other articles online. There are even a collection of videos. This preserves the memory of the content but also helps remember the sound of your loved one's voices. 

 What could you upload? Here are a couple of ideas.

Why not create a special memory of the day that your grandparents got married? Scan the photos, take photographs of those old paper horseshoes hidden away in boxes in the attic. Even using something as simple as a smartphone you could record a video of your grandma telling you about the day she got married to your grandpa. Uploading this rich media will become such a treasured possession in generations to come.

Do you have particularly fond memories of summer holidays spent at the same resort or location? Why not add a Google Map to that area highlighted? Upload a gallery of photographs, perhaps if you have video or cine film converted to video, upload some of those memories.

After reading about the creativity of the Finkelstein Family internet site, would you like to have your families site created? Are you unsure or too busy to complete it yourself? We can do that for you. If this is something you would be interested in and want to know how much it would cost or just to chat about the idea then contact us on the form below, and we will be in touch to take the idea forwards.

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We know each one of us is not immortal. We have a finite time alive. Today you have the opportunity to create online a treasured location for all the memories of your family. Then, wherever you are in the world, you can view, share and build a digital legacy heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come.