Did "Death Goes Digital" Influence a $26.2 billion purchase by Microsoft?

Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.
— Simon Van Booy

Did my book "Death Goes Digital" ignite the spark that made Microsoft purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion?

In February 2016 I published, "Death Goes Digital, How Funeral Directors Can Use LinkedIn To Demonstrate Professionalism, Build Reputation, and Create Visibility." At that same time, Microsoft started talking with LinkedIn about the possible purchase of the business networking site. 

Just a coincidence? (Quite possibly)

  • Was it my focus on getting Funeral Directors around the world to join LinkedIn the catalyst that made them open the purse?

  • Did Microsoft see that my observation when the sleeping giant of the Funeral industry wakes up to the opportunities of digital marketing and takes Pete's advice, it will make a global difference!

Who knows! (see PS below)

All I know is I think the guys at LinkedIn are quite happy about it! Moreover, if my book influenced the decision, well so be it! 

A small % commission would be nice Bill, please Email me and I will send you my bank details.

The sale was made, and MS must believe it is worth investing $26.2 billion cash in the purchase of LinkedIn. Why? Probably for the same reason, that I would write a book about LinkedIn for Funeral Directors.

Using LinkedIn can help Funeral Directors and businesses in the end of life planning, and digital legacy planning marketplace, do three essential things. It helps you:

  • Demonstrate Professionalism

  • Build Reputation

  • Create Visibility

What's going to be the benefits for people who are using LinkedIn now?

Microsoft owns Skype, (call me) so I would imagine that there will be a link between doing video calls and maybe even live stream as you can on Facebook for example through LinkedIn. Interestingly, LinkedIn own Lynda the training platform. There maybe even be a tie-up in the future providing training through LinkedIn.

People use Microsoft products every day. Word, Excel and Powerpoint they are probably the most used software for many businesses. Add into that now the cloud computing and usability of Office 365 and business and Mircosoft are intrinsically connected. Sp perhaps you will be able to link all your Microsoft products to your contacts and documents within LinkedIn.

“This deal is all about bringing together the professional cloud and professional network,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive. So if you consider yourself a professional in a professional industry, then you should be part of the biggest professional network, LinkedIn.

So here is a quick question checklist for you:

  1. Are you on LinkedIn yet? If not why not?

  2. When was the last time your reviewed your profile?

  3. Does your profile picture match your role? (Beach Photos of you may be useful for Facebook, but please ditch them on LinkedIn!)

  4. When did you last look at your profile from a customer's viewpoint?

  5. Does your profile read like a CV? (People do not care where you went to University, they do not care about your jobs history. They want to know how what you do can benefit them.)

  6. Did you know LinkedIn can generate leads for your funeral business?

  7. Are you aware that you can use LinkedIn as a blogging platform?

  8. Have you read - Death Goes Digital - why not? Buy a copy here. Alternatively, if you would like a copy of my Ebook 7 Key Benefits Why A Funeral Director Should Have A LinkedIn Profile please confirm your email address below.


My next book will possibly be about how digital legacy and legacy giving will transform the way charities receive money in the future. So watch out MuchLoved and Echoleft, perhaps Microsoft will be knocking on your door soon with $b in cash!

PS: The answer to the opening question was no. In case you were wondering!