Who Knows What You Want For Your Final Wishes?

Guest Post By Andrew Smith Founder & CEO of Final Wish

Final Wish is a unique website that stores information you want to share with loved ones at the time of your passing. Final Wishes, Photo Galleries, a Slideshow with the Photos and Music you Love, Digital and Social Media Legacy and the Story Of Your Life for future generations to read.

It all started in 2010 when I ended up in the hospital for 6 days. Truly there is nothing like sitting in a hospital bed to get you thinking about life and death. For me, this was especially true because I had just lost someone close to me. In just a few months this person went from being a healthy individual loving life and preparing for their retirement, to being diagnosed with cancer and passing away. So there I was lying in that bed thinking about my own life, and how none of us know when our time will come. I started to think about what my loved ones would do if I were to pass. Do they even know what I want in terms of a cremation, a funeral, or a celebration of life? Who would care for my cat Doobsy?

I decided I needed to write my final wishes down. Then I got to thinking about the celebration I would like, the photos I’d want shared, and the music I’d like played. I was pretty sure that nobody knew what I’d really want. A formal will didn’t seem like the right place. Neither did a journal.

Then it clicked. I realised everyone is in the same situation. I mean do you really know what your brother or your mother or your partner wants shared at their funeral? Do they even want a funeral? I remembered a buddy of mine saying he wanted Free Bird played at his funeral so people would have to think about him for at least 10 minutes. But did his family and friends know this? Then again had his musical tastes changed since we had that conversation? 

We built a website that fills a common need and creates a positive experience that allows members to work from home at their own pace and share their final wishes through confidants (up to five) of their choosing. The confidant if they accept would set up their own FREE account and is able to view the member’s final wishes right from their Profile page. Remember a confidant cannot edit your multimedia and wishes only view and share them at the time of your passing.

Currently, we generate income from our Gold membership fees of $25 a year. We believe the My Wishes section is important to everyone and that is why it will always be FREE. 

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The Final Wish web platform works on all devices and has a uniquely tailored framework that not only has the means to store uploaded information, but also to present it. Our application is hosted and secured with Amazon Web Services, SSL, payments processed by Stripe and all of our member’s data is encrypted even at rest.

Final Wish is my passion. Five years ago Final Wish was simply an idea that came from a medical scare, but through countless hours spent after work and on weekends by my Amazing Team that idea evolved into last month’s official launch.

Losing a loved is never easy, but having this information available will offer some relief. Final Wish helps bring peace of mind to our members and their loved ones at a time they will need it the most.

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