Why Was Death Goes Digital Nominated For An Award At The Funeral "Oscars?"

Those who are ill informed about change will be at risk for a rough future.
— Jason Canton

It started at the end of 2015. It began with a question.

Most things do. 

Why aren't Funeral Directors using social media and digital technology more? 

My search has resulted in being nominated for an award for providing one of the best resources on the internet to answer that question! 

Death Goes Digital has been nominated for the "Oscar's" of the funeral industry, The Good Funeral Awards 2016. 

I am honoured to be nominated. I am thrilled for being recognised for this award, honestly, I am made up!

How Did Death Goes Digital Start?

Working as a funeral celebrant in Worcestershire is a genuinely rewarding role. Each week I get to meet with families who talk to me about someone they love and have lost.  My privilege is to write their life stories in a relevant, respectful and memorable way.  That is why I call my funeral celebrant business, "Memorable Words." I am an accomplished speechwriter and public speaker. So those two skills now come together in a powerful way as a funeral celebrant. The families are very kind about the recommendations they give my work.

How Can I Use The Internet To Share Information About The Funeral?

It was not an odd occasion. Regularly families would be asking me about how they could share the information about the funeral service online? They would ask, what happens to the FaceBook page of the person who had died? How can people donate money to a charity "In Memory" of the loved one?

The funeral industry appeared to be behind the times when it came to the application of digital technology. OK, that is a generalisation I know. 

Since then, I have found some excellent examples of Funeral Directors who are using digital technology. However, generally, that is still not the case.

I am a writer and having written one book I thought I would write another, and that is when Death Goes Digital was born. Aimed at Funeral Directors, it was a book of two halves. First a warning shot across the bows about the rapid pace of change. Secondly, how Funeral Directors could use LinkedIn.

That was just the start, and then the website followed in February 2016. The weekly blog has 44 in-depth articles and has grown to thousands of views a month. The podcast is gaining momentum, and it too has hundreds of downloads.  

Will Death Goes Digital Win An Award?

I do not know. I am in a category with many other excellent sites. Many sites that provide wonderful resources on bereavement, digital legacy, grief care and "In Memory" websites. I am honoured to be in that group of esteemed colleagues. The awards will be given on 8th September 2016, so I will keep you posted on the outcome.

What's Next For Death Goes Digital?

Conference speaking on digital trends in the funeral and end of life planning marketplace.

One of my key objectives when launching Death Goes Digital was the opportunity it would bring to develop the speaking side of the business. I have been a recognised public speaker and public speaking coach for many years. My speaking career has taken me to conferences around the world. I have spoken on various subjects from leadership, developing digital marketing strategies and establishing non-profit organisations in ex-soviet countries. 

So far this year, I have talked at the Digital Legacy Association Conference in London. I am looking forward to speaking at Sussex University in September. It will be at the 'Death, Dying and Social Work' training event in conjunction with the University of Chichester. 

The website has a new SPEAKING page. If you are interested in the subjects I speak on or would like to chat with me about speaking at your event, please check out the enquiry form here.

Training Courses For Funeral Directors

Being a registered member of The Association for Coaching® I am an experienced and engaging trainer. I have released a series of one-day training courses for Funeral Directors that cover the following subjects.

  • Designing A Digital Strategy For Your Funeral Business.

  • How Can Funeral Directors Use LinkedIn To Build Reputation and Visibility?

  • Successful Blogging For Your Funeral Business.

  • Understanding Content Marketing And Why Your Funeral Business Needs It.

  • How to Write Headlines That Get Noticed and Opened?

  • How To Use "In Memory" Websites to Grow Your Funeral Business?

 If you are looking to transform your funeral business, and change your staff to be digitally competent then check out the training courses page


A Life Content Creator Training Course

There was an enormous response to the blog post on new careers at the end of life care using digital technology. (What Will Be Tomorrow's Jobs In 'The End Of Life' Services World?) I am creating a training course on that subject that will be ideal for those in hospice care or other aspects of palliative care. It will be how to use digital technology to help people store and retrieve life memories for future generations. If this is something that would interest you, please sign up here for the latest news from Death Goes Digital. Or send me an email and I will keep you posted on its developments.  

Wasn't That All About You?

Yes, it was.

I do not apologise for that because many people have asked me to explain more about the origins of Death Goes Digital and what I have in store for the future.

The next posts will be back to keeping you informed of all the latest trends, websites and developments in this rapidly changing marketplace. Pokemon at funerals, posthumous messaging services, downloading your brain to a computer and living forever are just a few of the subjects coming up.

Thank YOU!

I appreciate all the support, the emails, the comments and feedback as I develop the ideas around Death Goes Digital. Thank you.

I am off to write an acceptance speech just in case ...

Till next time.