Do You Want The Right To Be Forgotten Or The Ability To Be Remembered?

"Who wants to live forever,"

Freddie Mercury sang in the famous song by Queen.

Do you?

Well, you cannot. Mortality Rates are still 100%!

You will die one day. Do you want the ability to be remembered or do you want to invoke your right to be forgotten? 

In this post, I want to look at how adding online memorials could help raise the digital presence of your funeral business. Below are 11 online memorial sites worth checking out. Adding digital services such as memorial websites into your funeral business will help you stay relevant to changing customer demands, raise internet searches for your business and create a reason for family members to visit your funeral business website. 

The memory of us will continue to live after we have died. But for how long? The memory us lives in those who have loved us after we have died. A couple of generations goes by however, and we slowly fade into history. Digital technology creates ways people can remember us forever. Our lives continue to live online forever. What about if you want to be forgotten? Did you know that you now have the right to be forgotten online?

My Right To Be Forgotten

Updating my phone, I came across an interesting note from Google this week. They were advising me that the “right to be forgotten” ruling allows EU residents to request the removal of search results that they feel a link to outdated or irrelevant information about themselves on a country-by-country basis. Google said it had received 386,038 “right to be forgotten” removal requests since the ruling. This situation appears to be an ongoing battlefield for the search engine leader.

I do not want to be forgotten! While I do not want to go down in infamy, I do want those who love me to remember me. What struck me most strongly was how digital technology is causing us to ask questions we have never had to ask before. Most people would not be want to be forgotten. Most people would not want to be misremembered by those they love. As such, this desire to be remembered by families is leading the growth and proliferation of social media memorial websites.

A social memorial website allows families to create a digital memorial that will stay online forever. Some of these sites are free to set up a memorial and propose to remain free forever. Some sites offer the ability to take online donations for charities, map directions to the location of the funeral and wake afterwards. However, more importantly as far as this blog is concerned, they provide an excellent opportunity to drive web traffic to your funeral business. 

The Death Goes Digital Podcast feature many interviews with the founders of websites dedicated to building online memorials. Why not check out this episode with Sue Kemple from MYLASTSOUNDTRACK


10 Online Memorial Sites Worth Checking Out

Here are 10 online memorial sites you could review. There are many others worth checking out both in the UK and overseas.

Gone Too Soon 
My News
Beautiful Tribute
Will Remember You 
Co-operative Funeralcare 

Much Loved

This tribute service is run by the MuchLoved Charitable Trust, a UK based charity working for bereaved people worldwide. Established by Jonathan Davies in 2000 after the death of his brother and mother, MuchLoved hosts memorial websites on behalf of over 180,000 people. They have a great video on youtube which you can view here. 

Why Should You Add A Service Like Much Loved Into Your Funeral Business?

Much loved offers an Optimum service which can help digitise your online memorials and donations. By adding the service into your existing website, you can raise your funeral business profile on the web. They can improve the digital image and presence of your company by customising and branding the platform as your direct Funeral Giving Tribute service from your funeral business. What a great idea. They do all this for £20 a month! This service is of great value and opens up your funeral business to many more website searches. It is mobile responsive; and you can fully brand the service with your logos, colours and details. In terms of marketing costs this represents great value. 

Adding a service like can develop your Funeral business digitally In these ways

  • It encourages members of the deceased family to visit your funeral business website.

  • It can introduce your business to many new people online.

  • It reduces the need for collecting cash donations.

  • Increases the amount of giving from the donations by simplifying the Gift Aid process. (UK)

  • It can save money for your clients as it can do away with an expensive newspaper obituary notice.

  • It creates social media posting opportunities within your local community.

  • It allows for the possibility of cross-selling services like pre-paid funeral plans.

Consumers are now driving the marketplace and the funeral industry is no exception. Take action now to add online memorial services to your funeral business. It will help your customers. It will help create memories forever and It will help the digital presence of your funeral business to grow.  

Are you already using these kind of digital services? What is your experience? How has this helped your funeral business? Why wouldn't you use such a service? I would love to hear from you - please contact me today.