Empower Your Funeral Business With 7 Proven Benefits Of LinkedIn

By Peter Billingham

There is a big difference between features and benefits.

In this post, my aim is to help you will understand the difference between the two. Importantly, why it could make a radical difference to your funeral business. 

I want to encourage, educate and engage those running a funeral or end of life planning business, to consider the benefits of LinkedIn. There are so many creative ways that you can use LinkedIn. Type "How To AND LinkedIn" into Amazon UK and you get 604 books on how to set up and use LinkedIn.

  • Very few books talk about what the benefits of a LinkenIn profile are to a funeral business.
  • Very few businesses talk about the benefits they offer clients.

Benefits are what people buy, not features. Benefits are missing from most funeral business adverts and websites as I will explain. 

I would go as far to say; there is only one book that specifically tells those in the funeral industry why they should be using LinkedIn. And it's my book, "Death Goes Digital."

At the end of this post is an exclusive offer to get a free chapter of the book. This chapter reveals in detail how using LinkedIn can benefit your funeral business in 7 ways.

What's The Difference Between Features And Benefits? 

Features - These are statements about what a product or service is. How it works, what it does and specific aspects of its operation.

Benefits - These are statements about what a product or service will do for its user. The value they will gain from the product or service.

Understanding this difference could mean a client will choose your funeral business over another firm. Many funeral businesses have websites full of features. A list of features does not make the company stand out enough. Many Funeral Directors or Celebrants fail to show how their business differs from other funeral companies.  A website of features, rather than benefits, leaves customers only one question to ask. People are driven by the only question left, how much does the service you offer cost? The choice is dictated by price only. Price only is not useful for anyone. It creates a flow of customers only chasing prices. It reduces the profitability of the business and sets service standards by the wayside. 

The right words can explain the benefits of your firm. It takes the conversation away from price to focus it on what makes your business unique. That is what people will buy. People buy people first. People purchase a service for what they can benefit from it, not what features that service has. 

Why does someone wear a watch? It's usually to tell the time. (Ok, I know smart watches are different.) If that's the only reason, to tell the time, why do people buy a $25k Rolex watch. (If they can afford it) Why not wear a $5 watch that comes with a tank full of petrol? 

A watch has the feature of telling the time. For example, one of the benefits of a Rolex is a Swiss quality precision build. This means that it is always accurate to the second and won't break down. 

Three Magic Words

The key phrase in that last paragraph was, this means that ....

Look in any local newspaper and Funeral Directors still advertise week after every week. The adverts, like their websites, are mostly features. For example, phrases like:

  • A family owned business since xxxx.
  • An Independent Funeral Directors.
  • A professional service.

To turn any feature into a benefit add ... "this means that..."

Answer these questions for your funeral business.

  • We've been a family-owned business since xxxx. This means that ...
  • We are an Independent Funeral Directors. This means that ...
  • We offer a professional service. This means that ...

What are the USP’s (unique selling points) about your funeral business? Your unique selling points convince a potential customer you have something different to offer. Providing a feature without a corresponding benefit does not drive people to your business. But having clearly defined benefits does.

What Are The 7 Proven Benefits Of LinkedIn?

Here are 7 Proven Benefits Of Using LinkedIn For Your Funeral Firm

  • A LinkedIn Profile Establishes Credibility and Trust.
  • A LinkedIn Profile Helps Clients Choose Your Firm
  • A LinkedIn Profile Creates Growing Business Networks
  • A LinkedIn Profile Identifies You As A Thought Leader.
  • A LinkedIn Profile Helps Sell “You” Before Selling Your “Business.”
  • A LinkedIn Profile Helps You Respond To Changing Trends 
  • A LinkedIn Profile Allows You To Be Active In Professional Communities


It's a simple process to turn a feature into a benefit. Those three words can make all the difference in setting your funeral business apart from other funeral businesses in your town. Look at your website and adverts are they full of features or benefits? Take the time to read them again and add the magic three words! 

I would love to hear how you are building benefits in your funeral business. Please contact me. 

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