​Do You Want To Live Forever? 25 Ingenious Ways Your Digital Legacy Can Remain

By Peter Billingham Digital Death Advisor

We are therefore blessed with powerful minds yet at the same time cursed, not only to die, but to know that we must.
— Stephen Cave

Do you want to live forever?

Man's search for Immortality has driven humankind to incredible lengths to hold on to this fleeting thing called life. From ancient history to modern science, civilisation is shaped by our quest to live forever. 

In an excellent book, Immortality, by Stephen Cave, he offers four quests or four paths that humanity walks to try to evade the one certainty for mortal humans, death. 

Living Forever: The way people try to prevent themselves from dying. By using science or medicine and everything else possible to stretch the length of their lives.

Resurrection: The belief that humans can be brought back from the dead is the basis of hope and for many faith.

Soul: The idea that the soul, or some part of humanity, lives on forever in some capacity.

Legacy: The concept that we can live forever through our children, our work, or whatever we leave behind.

It is that last path that interests me as digital legacy offers the hope and reality of digital immortality to everyone.

Below are 25 websites or apps that allow you or someone you love to create a digital legacy for your life. These sites offer the opportunity to upload stories, photos, and videos. They give you platforms to creatively document, organise and present the story of your life. So that for generations to come a part of you lives on, albeit digitally. Each has its uniqueness, some of these digital legacy sites are image-based, where others focus on journals and stories. Maybe among these, you might find the home for your quest to immortality a place for your digital legacy. 

Will these sites survive? Will they live on? For many of the free versions, I wonder how they will maintain viability over the long haul. This area of digital disruption has a lot of development left to explore. It could be good to make sure that your photos, videos and other digital assets are backed up safely with clear instructions left how your descendants can access them.

As this technology and quest for digital immortality advances, however, these sites provide interesting opportunities to explore. 

25 Digital Legacy Sites

The following sites allow you to choose how your digital legacy could be created online.






Once I've Gone



Final Wish

My Living History


Chronicle of Life

My wonderful life




Online Memorials

These sites allow you to create a digital legacy for someone that you have loved and lost.

Will Remember You





the soldiers Box


Gone Too Soon