Should Online Car Purchasing Sites Alarm Funeral Directors?

Why should the growth of online car purchasing sites like carwow alarm Funeral Directors? 

In this post, I want to show how traditional businesses operating a similar style of acquiring new business for years are being disrupted by digital technology. My question to you is, if this can happen to their business why shouldn’t it happen to your funeral business?

Just Kicking Tyres

If you wanted to buy a new car, it involved a trip to the dealership of the manufacturer of your choice. Kicking tyres were just the process you had to go through. Have you done that? It can be an awkward affair! Some dealers use sales staff that are courteous, relaxed are not pushy. Let’s say, some don’t! It can be a nerve wrecking process for people. 

I’ve had both extremes. From a shiny suited sales apprentice who stuck to me like a limpet sticks to rock from the moment I entered the sales room until I left bamboozled. To being entirely ignored. I've left feeling I was interrupting a crucial conversation about last night's football game just to ask for a brochure or help!

What's Your Best Offer Then?

So you make your choice on a car. Then you want to start negotiating price. Let’s be honest, most people feel uncomfortable negotiating. Of course, there are some who can barter the last litres of diesel that’s included in the tank and not have the least qualms or fears about it. However, the truth is, most people are not like that. 

Digitisation is disrupting the new car sales industry. Digital disruption is creating opportunities where consumers get removed directly from the process but can get the best price without the pressure of haggling or dealing. One such site is carwow.

This is what it says on carwow’s simple to use site.

Awkward haggling is a thing of the past. With car wow, the dealers compete over you. You choose the car and we go find you up to 5 of the best offers from local and national dealers. You can compare offers by price, location, and dealer ratings and reviews. You deal direct with the dealer, confident you already have their best offer upfront. No hassle, no haggle, just a great deal.

Why Should Funeral Directors Be Alarmed By This?

Many traditional Funeral Directors businesses are behind the curve when it comes to digital technology. Many believe that the methods they have employed for years that have worked perfectly well will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Wrong! Adverts in the local paper, yellow pages, and hospital directories are a thing of the past. 

If people are looking for information about arranging a funeral that often now starts with a search on the internet. Increasingly, firms like funeralbooker are coming to the top of those searches. On sites like this people can search by postcode, get a list of local Funeral Directors with individual quotes broken down and then book everything online, including the flowers with a few clicks.

The tagline for carwow is: 

Let car dealers compete over you!

Could we see that this will be the development for local Funeral Directors in the future? 

Let funeral directors compete over you!

To a point yes.

People will become aware of such services and start to use online suppliers like this as a matter of course. Word of mouth and ease of use will spread the knowledge of these firms. Of course, some families will still connect with the local Funeral Director the way they have for generations but that market is shrinking fast.

To do nothing is no longer an option. That is unless you pass your marketing over to firms like funeralbooker. They offer an excellent service to Funeral Directors but it reduces the profit available for each funeral.

What are you doing to get more exposure online for your funeral business? Do you offer online quotes? Do you offer a fixed price package that you could use as a way to draw people on the internet to your firm?

I would love to hear from you. Do you see your market share being eroded? Please email me.