What Funeral Directors Need To Know About The Digital Revolution

Death Has Gone Digital  .... and it is not going back!

Welcome to the Blog of Death Goes Digital.

My name is Peter Billingham. Over the weeks and months ahead I want to be your guide through the fast changing landscape of the funeral industry and the impact of Digitisation. To ignore these changes could be the death knell ringing out the end of your traditional funeral business.

What is Digitisation And Why Does This Matter To Funeral Directors? 

Digitisation is the process of transforming systems and procedures into a digital format or method.

The funeral industry around the world is going through a digital revolution. Where death was once a taboo subject, now it is the topic of many open conversations. Consumers are searching the Internet to find answers to questions about arranging funerals. Subjects like setting up online memorials and finding the best prices for a funeral service are normal now. In the UK, many Funeral Directors have a website and believe that is sufficient. No longer is that the case. No longer can pictures of black-suited bearers standing next to shiny limousines be enough to promote your business online. 

Where Does This Leave The Traditional Funeral Director?

The traditional Funeral Director is exposed and at risk of increasingly losing business. Their profit and market share will shrink unless they build a relevant, consistent digital presence for their business. Death Goes Digital focuses on helping you. It is my aim to guide, teach, and coach you of what trends are developing. However, more than that, I want to give you relevant information how you can adapt and change to meet these developing demands of consumers. 

What Will You Find Here?

I will post two blogs a week that cover a vast range of subjects relevant to a digital Funeral Directors Business such as:

  • Understanding How To Use Social Media for Funeral Directors
  • New Technology That Is Disrupting The Funeral Industry
  • Online Trends That Could Take Business Away From Local Firms
  • The Latest News And Ideas To Implement For Your Funeral Business
  • What Are The Best Websites, Blogs and Podcasts To Seek Out

I can help you in other ways:

Death Goes Digital is a new book soon available on Amazon. It explains what digital developments are taking place in the funeral industry. It explains how you can use LinkedIn to start building a digital footprint as a Funeral Director. If you would like a short excerpt email me and I will send you a copy. 

A podcast will begin shortly. Every two weeks you can listen to information from people who understand digital marketing. Also, hear from funeral businesses successfully using these methods to grow their business.

I would love to get to know you better! Please email me on info@deathgoesdigital.com with questions, ideas, or suggestions of what you would like to see here. You can follow me on Twitter here.

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Thanks for reading this and joining the adventure as we explore how Death Has Gone Digital.